How Garrison SAVI® Works

Why hardware?

The fundamental concept behind Garrison SAVI® is that risky content – HTML, javascript, PDFs and more – is converted to raw pixels to sanitise it. But with security, the details matter.

Garrison SAVI® not only transforms the risky content to something safe, it then verifies that only the safe format is ever transferred across the isolation boundary – a barrier that is fully enforced in hardware. Garrison is one of the only commercially available solutions to conform to trusted authoritative security patterns.
For example see the data import guidance from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (a part of GCHQ).


Garrison SACS® is Garrison’s Silicon Assured Content Sanitisation technology.

Garrison SACS® enables copy-and-paste and printing as securely as Garrison SAVI® provides the browsing. Garrison SACS® technology sanitises text and image formats by converting them to ‘known good’ format and using hardware-based verification to ensure that only that known good format can be transferred to the native device.

With Garrison SACS® the browsing workflow continues uninterrupted for copy-and-paste and printing while maintaining Garrison’s ultra-high level of security.