Simply Secure
Browse, click, don’t worry

ULTRA Secure Browsing

What would happen if you clicked this link?
It might be good. It might be bad. You’ll only know if you click.

Ultra secure browsing solves this dilemma, remotely transforming all web content for completely safe user interaction.
Browse, click links. Don’t worry.

Through 2022, organisations that isolate high-risk internet browsing and access to URLs in email will experience a 70% reduction in attacks that compromise end-user systems.

Gartner, Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation, Neil MacDonald, 8th March 2018

Garrison’s ultra secure browser is allowing customers across all sectors to re-enable full web access and safely click links.

Whether used for all employees or a subset of high-risk users – browsing with Garrison brings immediate business benefit, security and long-term simplification and efficiency.



Enable web access rather than block – without risk

Anti Phishing

Anti phishing

Some users will always click links – let them

Priveleged & Risky Users

Privileged & risky users

Better protect the teams most at risk

Cross Domain Access

Cross domain access

Solutions for multi-tiered classified networks

Why Garrison?

Cyber threats are serious and today’s defences are failing. Garrison delivers a whole new class of cyber defence.

Trusted by global enterprises to secure their most valuable assets and enable all users. Trusted by governments to protect their most sensitive environments.

Hardware-enforced security ensures unparalleled protection. Hardware acceleration delivers high performance, scale and affordability.

Enable secure simplify

To find out more about Garrison’s ultra secure browser, send us a message.