Garrison Technology demonstrates resilience and scale with strong full-year growth

Cyber Threat Elimination company Garrison Technology delivers impressive growth of over 150% in sales.

Garrison Technology, a UK scale-up delivering ultra-secure web isolation and cross domain solutions to commercial and government organisations in the UK, North America and other regions, delivered impressive growth of over 150% in sales between April 2020 and May 2021 despite a year of COVID disruption. Continued strong demand from Garrison’s government customers (including the UK Government and US Federal Government) and significant expansion with key commercial accounts including UK retail bank Lloyds Banking Group contributed to revenues in excess of $10 million.

With its Garrison SAVI®, Garrison SACS® and Garrison ULTRA® technologies that make it safe to click on even the most dangerous links, Garrison is pioneering a new technological paradigm in the field of cyber security – an approach known as hardsec. It is this technology that the company is leveraging to build the world’s first hardsec cloud service, delivering technology secure enough for sensitive government agencies but scalable and cost-effective enough for mainstream commercial organisations.

CEO David Garfield said of the company’s success in the last 12 months: “Our customers look to us to help them operate effectively in an increasingly unsafe cyber world and I am delighted by their continued confidence in us. Our continuing technology investments will allow us to help more customers as we make our web isolation technology available through our uniquely secure cloud offering.”

Backed by investors Dawn Capital, IP Group, BGF and NM Capital, Garrison has raised over $50M in funding to date and expects continued strong growth in coming years in both government and commercial markets around the world given the ever-more-critical need to protect against web-borne threats such as phishing and ransomware.

“What’s so distinctive and good about Garrison is that the security of its technology has been independently verified to the point where it is trusted by highly sensitive government organisations around the world. This is all too rare in cyber security” said Professor Ciaran Martin, former CEO of the UK National Cyber Security Centre and a member of Garrison’s advisory board. “Garrison’s real achievement however is delivering this level of security together with scalability, usability and pricing that’s proving successful with mainstream commercial enterprises.”