Garrison Appoints Former NCSC Head and Cybersecurity Veteran, Ciaran Martin, as Advisor

London, United Kingdom – 18 September 2020 – London based cybersecurity company, Garrison, has today appointed the outgoing head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Ciaran Martin to its Advisory Board.

In his new role, Ciaran will be responsible for helping Garrison to shape its future strategy, to engage effectively with national governments around the world, and to drive the broader market debate about the need for greater efficacy in cybersecurity products.

Following a distinguished career as a civil servant with the UK Government, Ciaran was brought in to set up and lead the NCSC in 2016 as its first Chief Executive. He was in his role until August 2020. During his time at the NCSC Ciaran established himself as one of the UK’s most eminent experts on cyber security and how Governments, businesses and society could mitigate against the threats posed by hackers.

Ciaran Martin, said, “When it came to looking at the cyber security companies that would be a good fit for me, Garrison was the clear choice and I’m delighted to come on board. Garrison are taking cyber security technology that was hitherto only available to protect classified UK government information and networks and making it available to protect mainstream commercial enterprises around the world. I look forward to helping them continue on this course and going from strength to strength over the coming years.”

David Garfield, CEO of Garrison, said: “At Garrison, we passionately believe that in the face to today’s threats, customers need stronger cyber security products than the market is offering them: a reality that has long been faced by the most sensitive government organisations. Ciaran’s unique view of both the real cyber security risks that businesses face, and the ways that the world’s most sensitive systems and information can be protected from even the most sophisticated attackers, will be invaluable as we help our customers to understand that cyber breaches need not be inevitable.”

Following Ciaran’s departure from the NCSC, his primary occupation is now in academia, he has recently been appointed Professor of Practice at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University. In addition to Garrison, Ciaran has also assumed an advisory role at, cyber VC firm, Paladin Capital



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About Garrison:

Garrison was founded in 2014 by David Garfield and Henry Harrison, who set out to change our approach to cyber security. With a wealth of experience from previous cyber businesses, they designed a product that eradicates the largest cyber risk to organisations and governments worldwide, that of web-borne threats such as malware, phishing attacks and drive-by downloads. The company is backed by investors including Dawn Capital, IP Group, NM Capital and BGF, and has customers across nine countries, from governments (including the UK government) to commercial global enterprise customers.

Garrison is pioneering a new technological paradigm in the field of cyber security – a system architecture known as hardsec that has emerged from security research within the UK National Security sector. Instead of CPUs, hardsec uses lower-complexity (non-Turing-machine) digital logic to implement security, avoiding software’s weak point. By making use of FPGA silicon, hardsec can deliver rock hard security while maintaining the flexibility to address real-world cyber security problems in a cost-effective manner.