Protect against web threats with NCSC and MOD-assured technology

Henry Harrison

By Henry Harrison


It’s no secret that the web is dangerous. In 2023 so far, Google identified and patched five vulnerabilities in Chromium (the stack that powers not only Chrome, but also Edge and other browsers). At least two of these vulnerabilities only required a victim to view a malicious website for them to become compromised. The results of a successful exploitation against these vulnerabilities could have been ransomware, or other malware, running on the user’s endpoint. In many cases, that’s not a risk that organisations can afford to take.

The best way to mitigate the risk is of course to block access to the web, and in some extreme cases, that’s exactly what people do. But surely, it’s not an approach that’s relevant most of the time?

Well, it might be more relevant than you think.

Firstly, you don’t have to block access to the whole of the web. You almost certainly already block access to known bad websites. You could extend that blocking to whole categories of site that might just possibly be risky. Or you could look at the problem through the other end of the telescope, and block access to everything except those trusted websites that you know people need to access as part of their work.
But even then, your users will scream blue murder: they are 21st century knowledge workers, and they need access to all the information available on the World Wide Web.

That’s where Garrison comes in. With our cloud service, Garrison ULTRA®, you can re-enable access to all those websites that you just blocked. The difference is that Garrison ULTRA® is explicitly designed for providing access to risky websites: we use high-security technology that’s been assured by NCSC and MOD to ensure that even the most dangerous website can’t attack the user’s endpoint.

Sounds like magic? No, just high-security technology. Learn more at Garrison ULTRA®, or contact us here and let one of our experts explain how you can turn the threat from the web on its head – while keeping your users happy at the same time.