What is Ultra Secure Browsing

From links in phishing emails to compromised websites, the web is a platform for delivering malware to your user’s device.

Traditional security techniques based on detection are struggling to keep up when faced with modern sophisticated and targeted attacks. It only takes one click to compromise your organisation’s entire network, putting you at risk of large-scale financial loss, operations failure and reputational damage.


Security-conscious organisations can no longer allow uncontrolled web access. Existing firewall and proxy solutions should be used to block access to links which are too risky. But aggressive blocking can cause real problems for users – real business problems that result in reduced business performance.

In extreme cases, the risk associated with specific teams or sensitive functions require that a large proportion of the web must be disabled. Examples include payments teams and system administrators. But restricting web access inhibits business and causes secondary effects as users move to ‘shadow IT’ out of frustration and necessity.

Ultra-secure browsing delivers the seemingly impossible: full web access can be made available to users without putting the organisation’s sensitive data and systems at risk.



“Through 2022, organisations that isolate high-risk internet browsing and access to URLs in email will experience a 70% reduction in attacks that compromise end-user systems.”
Gartner, Innovation Insight for Remote Browser Isolation, Neil MacDonald, 8th March 2018


The simple way to eliminate the risk from the web is to simply disconnect. Governments around the world have being doing this for decades, only allowing users to access the internet from a physically air gapped system. Other organisations have chosen to block access to links deemed too risky and tell employees to use a different physical machine to access them, for example their mobile phones or personal devices. Neither of these options is efficient. And neither of them is scalable.

Garrison SAVI® (Silicon Assured Video Isolation) is a platform that resolves this dilemma by delivering a truly isolated browser in an integrated, user-friendly experience. Patented technology is used to isolate and transform web content to a verifiably safe stream of pixels and audio bytes. Hardware acceleration makes the whole process efficient, fast and cost-effective.