Garrison SACS®

Transfer Appliance

A hardsec platform for generic data import, providing data validation using non-Turing-machine logic.

The GTA can be used alongside the GIA to support copy-and-paste functionality as part of the Garrison SAVI® ultra-secure browsing solution. Other GTA solutions include secure printing and API validation.

Used as part of the Garrison SAVI® ultra-secure browsing solution, the GTA sanitizes text and image data in order to ensure that copy-and-paste from the web cannot be used as an attack vector to the user’s endpoint device. The GTA can also be used to support printing of risky web content to sensitive secure printers.

Other GTA solutions can also exploit the GTA’s core hardsec architecture, where security enforcing functions are performed in dedicated non-Turing-machine logic. All data flowing through the GTA is fully transformed to an intermediate format which is validated in our FPGA Hardware Security Enforcement Fabric. The GTA then further transforms this now safe data into a final format for seamless integration into the user’s device.

Each GTA is a 1U rackable appliance that can support multiple GIA systems – ensuring scalability and affordability within an enterprise deployment. GTAs can also be used in parallel to increase throughput, resilience and availability.

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