What is Hardsec?

There is a fundamental security problem with software

The amazing flexibility of software running on a CPU is what has delivered the incredible information revolution of the past decades. But that same flexibility is the Achilles heel in today’s IT environment – unfeasibly complex systems where simple bugs can lead to vulnerabilities with unbounded impact. Similarly, it’s also the weak point for all security software, with the result that well-intentioned protection tools may actually be making security worse. Indeed, numerous endpoint security products have suffered from very serious vulnerabilities such that not having them in the first place would have been safer.

Security problem
Hardsec Chip

Hardsec Provides A Practical Answer

There are alternatives. Hardsec is an emerging security architecture described fully at http://hardsec.com. Instead of CPUs, hardsec uses lower-complexity (non-Turing-machine) digital logic to implement security, avoiding software’s weak point. By making use of FPGA silicon, hardsec can deliver rock hard security while maintaining the flexibility to address real-world cybersecurity problems in a cost-effective manner.

Avoiding the fundamental problems of software, hardsec represents a true revolution in the way we think about security.

Read our Imagining A Hardsec Future white paper here.

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