Business Benefits

Ultra-secure browsing with Garrison SAVI® is solving real business problems across multiple sectors by delivering the seemingly impossible: risky web access can be made available to users without putting the organisation’s sensitive data and systems at risk.


Website blocking policies are increasingly being adopted by security conscious organisations attempting to keep their users safe from risky websites.

However, aggressive blocking policies can lead to business frustration as users cannot access the information they need to do their jobs, resulting in IT teams carrying the burden of constantly responding to allow list requests and shadow IT appearing as users attempt work-arounds.

Ultra-secure browsing removes this issue, re-enabling access to those blocked sites without increasing risk.


Organisations continue to try and train users not to click on links that may lead to phishing attacks, but with limited long-term success.

Users are not security experts, and bad URLs are not easily detectable. With ultra-secure browsing, you can give your users tools that let them follow links and open attachments safely, without putting the organisation’s sensitive data and systems at risk.


Targeted cyber attacks typically focus on individuals and teams that yield the biggest impact. These can include executive teams, payments teams, system administrators and others. Big gains can be made by protecting your critical assets first – focusing cyber defences where they count.

Cross Domain Access


Garrison can be used for applications beyond just browsing.

Supporting VDI isolation, Garrison is used in the most sensitive government environments for accessing networks of lower classifications. In the commercial world, this same capability is being used for accessing networks of differing sensitivities such as operational and commercial networks, or in a ring-based security architecture to protect key assets.

In addition to browsing and VDI, Garrison allows organisations to add their own applications to benefit from Garrison SAVI® based isolation.



Traditional web security depends on identifying and blocking a deny list of bad URLs. But with increasingly sophisticated attackers and tools, this approach has run its course. The new strategic approach to web security is to flip the model on its head, defining an allow list of trusted URLs.

But the vast majority of the web is grey: neither known bad, nor trusted good. Ultra-secure browsing is designed precisely to handle this grey, allowing the business to enforce a tightly defined allow list while continuing to provide users with access to the information they need.

Once this transformation is underway, traditional controls add less value and costs can be reduced. Organisations that embrace web isolation can both dramatically increase security and reduce cost.